World's first Star Wars hotel confirmed for Walt Disney World Orlando

These details also suggest that guests would be able to take part in the narrative events as they unfold, undertaking ‘secret missions’, mixing with characters from the films (who would roam the corridors and public areas), duelling with lightsabers and learning to pilot spacecraft.

The survey offers further indication of what amenities might be on offer, including a pool area, water park and fitness centre. Meals would be taken in the ‘cantina’ (hopefully with live music from a Bith band), and food and drink would be served by droid butlers.

Rooms would accommodate up to four people, who would be able to enjoy views of the galaxy from their windows.

Available for two-night stays only, rooms would reportedly cost $900 to $1,000 (£700 to £780) per person. This would include all meals, as well as admission to the theme park.

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