Why Michelle Obama is encouraging us to exercise with a friend 

Why you should row with a friend

“It’s a full body workout and all you need is a rowing machine, a pair of dumb bells and a friend,” says Luka Spik, ex-Olympian and fitness expert at the Body Studio. “Train for four-minute intervals with one of you on the rowing machine and the other practising 15x reps of squats and lunges. If you were working out alone you might be tempted to skip the lunges, but together you’ll motivate and push each other.

Equipment free exercise to do with a friend

Working out together isn’t just good for motivation, you can use each other for resistance training. The fitness expert and founder of Workshop Gymnasium Lee Mullins recommends nordic curls. “Both of you start on your knees and the person behind holds onto your feet, while you lower your stomach to the floor,” explains Mullins. “Catch yourself in press-up position when you can’t take anymore and repeat the movement for four to six reps.” 

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