WATCH: What investigators will look at in Charlottesville incident

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Joining us from Washington is ABC news consultant Brad Garrett, a former FBI special agent. What is the investigation into the suspect going to focus on? Sit an act of terrorism. Sit a violation of civil rights, like a hate crime. They’re going to look at his back ground. What groups does he belong to? Was his intention of coming from Ohio to Virginia to really harm people? It will be clear at the end of the day what his intention was and what he did. The clashes between the white nationalists and counterprotesters erupted Friday night. There were skirmishes for hours. Authorities knew this was a powder keg. With that intelligence in hand, should haw enforcement have had more of a presence on the ground yesterday before things turn sod violent? Yes. You have to keep protesters, counterprotesters separate. You have to have an overwomening show of force. Where they believe they can’t do anything. The other thing is in reality, you have to block the streets. You cannot allow cars to move where people are protesting. Takes a lot of folks. I just think this charlottesville police were undermanned. Got it. Do you think we’re witnessing the rise of a new white nationalism in in country? Unfortunately, I think there already is that. It’s been on the increase. The southern poverty law center would tell you the groups in in category are inkresing. Thank you, Brad. President trump is facing

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