WATCH: Reservoirs and dams under tremendous strain

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As you can see and sometimes hear, the record rain has put reservoirs and dams under tremendous strain. They have released some of the pept up water hoping the keep it under control, but tens of thousands of homes are under threat because of it. Here’s ABC’s Clayton Sandell. Reporter: Houston’s Fleetwood neighborhood tonight is a marina. Dozens of volunteers like Kenny Evans — Hello! Rescue! Reporter: — Showing up with their own rescue boats. Have you ever seen anything like this? Never, no. Reporter: People here say they were caught off-guard by rising floods overnight, supercharged when officials say they were forced to release water from the nearby Addicks and barker reservoirs. The lypkie family, 3-year-old Jude and 2-year-old Ollie. Here why don’t you guys sit right here together. You okay? Reporter: Stranded with mom and dad for 13hours. You guys excited for a boat ride? Reporter: The army corps of engineers is sending water downstream to relieve pressure on the dams. But they’re filling faster than they can be emptied, meaning homes on the backside of the reservoirs are flooding too. Nearly three dozen subdivisions, hundreds of homes, at risk. Evans estimates he has carried more than 100 people to safety. We have called 911. 911 won’t help you. I’m here to hapelp you. Reporter: They have to drain this for as long as three months. The dams are 70 years old, and they are in need of a fix, but tonight, officials say they are expected to hold, Tom. But all those families caught in the middle, and it’s unclear when or if they will be able to go home. Collate Clayton, thank you.

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