Valkyrien is Nordic noir at its most bonkers – review

In short, bonkers. To get the full benefit of Valkyrien it’s probably safest to switch your incredulity reflex off at the mains and consent to be pelted by some of Nordic noir’s more high-falutin’ absurdities. The conduit for most of them is Leif (Pål Sverre Hagen), a spectral fixer and one of those paranoid Scandis who blogs that the apocalypse is just round the next bend (though who, having read the headlines, can blame him?). 

There are eight episodes to get through. Aficionados will know how these things play out: hyperactively, with a lot of straight faces and blind alleys. The show’s creator is Erik Richter Strand. 

It’s reported that a British version is in the pipeline with Mark Strong, and while I would never normally recommend avoiding the subtitled original, it might be worth hanging on to see if it seems any more sane and rational in English.

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