The potential pitfalls of each of football's proposed changes to the Laws of the Game

The International Football Association Board (IFAB), the independent body that determines the laws of football, has published a strategy document that proposes a number of tweaks to the existing rulebook.

Prepared by the IFAB technical director David Elleray, a former Premier League referee, the Play Fair! document has three main aims:

  • To improve player behaviour and increase respect
  • To increase effective playing time
  • To increase the game’s fairness and attractiveness

None all of the proposals are certain to become part of the Laws of the Game – each change requires a two-thirds majority between the board’s members of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the block vote of FIFA – but Elleray has put forward ideas for discussion, testing or immediate implementation within the current laws.

What are IFAB’s ideas for shaking up the laws of football, and what potential pitfalls are there?

60-minute games, with the referee stopping their watch every time the ball is out of play

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