Sicko who raped 10-year-old girl gets 10 years to life

A disgraceful pervert who raped a little girl and then fled the state will spend 10 years — and maybe the rest of his life — behind bars for his savage crime.

Edwin Caizaguano, 25, admitted to the predatory sexual assault of his girlfriend’s 10-year-old daughter inside an apartment on Moffat St. in Bushwick.

The October 2015 attack left the child with injuries so brutal she needed surgery.

“Sir, the only reason why I gave you — what I think — is a lenient sentence was to spare that child from any further trauma,” Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Vincent Del Giudice told Caizaguano on Wednesday.

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If Caizaguano went to trial, prosecutors would have had to consider having the girl testify against her attacker.

Caizaguano had faced 25 years to life in prison for the top charge if convicted at trial. He got 10 years to life in a plea deal earlier this month.

“If I could sentence you to the maximum, I would,” the judge said. “The satisfying part of my sentence is it has a ‘to life’ (included).”

Prosecutor Lisa Nugent told the court this was the “most difficult case she ever handled.”

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“The injuries the child sustained, I’ve never seen before … the pain caused to this child is immeasurable,” she said.

Caizaguano declined, through a Spanish interpreter, to give any statements to the court or the child’s family.

The judge had plenty to say.

“You’re an adult that attacked a young girl, you’re a disgrace … you should never be released into society again,” Del Giudice said.

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“My hope and desire is that you never leave whatever institution you’re placed in. I hope the bars slam shut behind you, you never to leave and die a natural death.”

Caizaguano fled the state after the horrendous attack and was found by the NYPD’s Fugitive Squad in St. Paul, Minnesota.

When Caizaguano was arrested, he told detectives that the little girl came on to him, prosecutors said at his arraignment in January 2016.

Neither the victim nor her family were present in court. Nugent, who spoke on behalf of the family, said they never want to see Caizaguano again.

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