Pink shirts for men are no longer a statement – but are you 'man enough' for pink shoes?

Back in 2012, when pink shirts were considered a daring choice for men, a study by Cotton USA claimed to have discovered that those who wore pink shirts earned an extra £1,000 a year, were better qualified, more confident and got a greater number of compliments from female colleagues than their more traditionally beshirted colleagues.

Exactly when pink got it’s feminine connotations is not known but it is thought that it was born in 1950s America, when pink products were marketed towards baby girls.

During the 1920s pink was seen as the cousin of red; warlike and masculine, and with working class connotations. 

Pink seersucker suits were traditionally worn by the help during the summer months, and were later adopted as a kind of very elegant workwear by some upper-class New Yorkers. 

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