New Education Dept. Official Worked at College With Deceptive Ads

The Department of Education has hired Julian Schmoke to head its enforcement unit — a former official of DeVry University, the college last year agreed to a $100 million settlement over charges that it ran deceptive advertisements, Politico reported.

Schmoke, who is the executive director of campus relations for West Georgia Technical College, formerly worked as an associate program dean for DeVry’s college of engineering and information sciences.

The Student Aid Enforcement Unit, which Schmoke will head, was established last year by the Obama administration to “respond more quickly and efficiently to allegations of illegal actions by higher education institutions.”

One of the reasons the unit was set up was to prevent these institutions from running deceptive advertisements.

DeVry University had been charged with running false ads claiming 90 percent of its graduates seeking full-time jobs were working in their field of study within six months of getting their degrees and that students with DeVry degrees were paid 15 percent more on average than other graduates.

The company’s $100 million settlement of the included a $49 million payment to the Federal Trade Commission, which used the money to refund DeVry students, while the rest of the settlement went to forgiving former students’ loans and outstanding payments, according to Inside Higher Ed.

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