Man planned Christmas attack on San Francisco’s Pier 39, FBI says

The FBI said a Modesto man who espoused support for Islamic State planned a Christmas suicide attack on San Francisco’s Pier 39, a popular tourist destination.

Authorities alleged in court documents filed Friday that a man named Everitt Aaron Jameson, a tow truck driver, told an undercover FBI employee he believed to be a senior Islamic State leader that Pier 39 would be an ideal location for a terrorist attack.

Jameson allegedly sought from the FBI employee an assault rifle, ammunition, powder, tubing and nails — materials that can be made into a pipe bomb.

The suspect allegedly told the FBI that “we need something along the lines of New York or San Bernardino,” apparently referring to the Oct. 31 terrorist attack in New York City and the shooting-related terrorist attack in Southern California in 2015.

Jameson allegedly described a plan to the FBI “in which explosives could ‘tunnel’ or ‘funnel’ people into a location where Jameson could inflict casualties,” the court document said.

FBI agents conducted a search warrant on Wednesday at a residence in Modesto and found a note signed by Abdallah abu Everitt ibn Gordon al-Amriki, dated Dec. 16, which in part said, “I Abdallah [abu] Everett ibn Gordon have committed these acts upon Kuffar, in the name of Dar al Islam, Allahu Akbar!” Kuffar, or kafir, is an Arabic term used to describe non-Muslims.

The FBI also seized firearms from the home. Islamic State had recently called for attacks on Western cities around the Christmas holidays.

Jameson is a former U.S. Marine and graduated basic recruit training and earned a sharpshooter rifle qualification, according to the affidavit. He was discharged from the Marine Corps later for failing to disclose a history of asthma.

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1:15 p.m.: This article was updated with more information about suspect Everitt Aaron Jameson.

This article was originally published at 12:35 p.m.

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