Judith Miller: To Defeat North Korea, Trump (And His Team) Need to Quit Making Empty Threats


By Judith Miller, Fox News

As expected, members of the United Nations Security Council met in emergency session on Monday to condemn North Korea’s test of what it claimed was a hydrogen bomb, its sixth and by far its most powerful ever. Then came the unexpected.

Rather than offer yet another resolution denouncing North Korea and calling for even stronger sanctions against dictator Kim Jong Un’s brutal rogue regime, Ambassador Nikki Haley attacked China, the only country capable of isolating North Korea, calling its ambassador’s proposal to the U.N. for defusing the crisis “insulting.” Then she reiterated her administration’s threats to use military force and total economic warfare against the North, both widely seen as empty threats given the grave damage either would inflict on America and our Asian allies.

As a result, key permanent members of the council displayed not a unified political front against Kim Jong Un’s relentless, seemingly unstoppable quest for a sophisticated nuclear weapons arsenal, but deep divisions over how best to defuse the escalating conflict and change North Korea’s behavior.

Chalk up a victory, however temporary, for North Korean chief nuclear narcissist Kim Jong Un.

Ambassador Haley’s short statement seemed designed to out-Trump President Trump in bellicose rhetoric and empty threats. By saying that Mr. Kim was practically “begging for war” and that “enough is enough,” she echoed Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ threat to use military force to stop Kim’s nuclear program and protect America and its allies. She also repeated Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s threat to sever trade with any country which trades with North Korea, calling for the “toughest sanctions possible.” Since more than 80 percent of its trade is with China, Ms. Haley was yet again threatening the only country capable of inflicting sufficient pain on North Korea to tempt it back to the negotiating table.

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