David Davis tells Edinburgh Fringe audience: I'm a terrible leadership candidate

Alex Salmond surprised an independence-supporting audience at his first Edinburgh Fringe show by introducing his “good pal” David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, as his first mystery guest.

Mr Davis joked repeatedly during their chat that the former First Minister was out to “ruin” his career.

In response to Mr Salmond’s suggestion that he was the bookies’ favourite to become the next Prime Minister, he insisted, referring to his defeat to David Cameron in the 2005 race for the top job, that he was a “very bad leadership campaigner”.

He also joked during the show on Sunday – Alex Salmond…Unleashed – that he was in the “most dangerous place” if people were making him the favourite ahead of candidates including Jacob-Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson.

Mr Salmond, who has sold out his two-week run at the Assembly Rooms after losing his Gordon seat in the General Election, introduced Mr Davis as “the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, perhaps the last prime minister of the United Kingdom”.

He told the audience, which appeared to warm to the Brexit Secretary, that they had worked together to try and impeach Tony Blair over Iraq, but Mr Davis had to remove his name from the motion when he was appointed to Cabinet.

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