Charlottesville Officials Warring With Each Other Since Tragedy

In the aftermath of the tragic weekend that put Charlottesville front and center on the world’s stage, city officials have been warring with each other over who’s most to blame, reports.

The blame game between city officials has culminated in a special meeting of the city council to be held Wednesday for the purpose of discussing “the performance and discipline of an elected official,” reported C-Ville, the online property of C-Ville Weekly.

A leaked nine-page memo shows the mayor and city council demanding explanations from the city manager — and the police chief — over the events leading to the “Unite the Right” rally Aug. 12 that left a woman dead.

“It’s rather extraordinary,” former mayor Dave Norris told C-Ville. “I can’t recall another time when the mayor and city manager were going after each other publicly with press releases or memos and trying to throw each other under the bus.”

Criticism has mounted since that the city wasn’t prepared for the violence and that police were either reluctant or unable to intercede once clashes between white supremacists and counter-protesters turned violent.

But the aftermath has surfaced shameful acts of finger-pointing among city leaders.

Speculation persists that it’s Mayor Michael Signer who is the target of the special city council meeting for the way he handled the aftermath of that day, The Washington Post reported, including being the leaker of the memo.

“I think it was Mike Signer” who leaked the memo, independent council candidate Nikuyah Walker told “I haven’t talked to anyone who doesn’t think he did this.”

But it’s city manager Maurice Jones taking the most heat for the preparations of the alt-right rally, both for the police presence and role and the location of the event, the Post reported.

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