Berkeley marina shooting suspects charged with murder

BERKELEY — Two men were in city jail after their arrests on warrants in connection with a shooting earlier this year, authorities said Thursday.

Investigators’ efforts led to this week’s arrests of Richmond resident Alan Garcia, 25, and South San Francisco resident Mateo Calvillo, 32, who made their first court appearances Thursday, Berkeley police said.

According to probable cause documents filed by Alameda County sheriff’s deputies with the Alameda County district attorney’s office, just before 3:40 a.m. on July 29, a man driving along the Berkeley Marina’s Seawall Drive had passed a group of people standing in parking spaces by an embankment.

Two men, later identified as Garcia and Calvillo, drew guns and ordered the man to get out of his car. Afraid for his life, the driver threw his car in reverse and then forward to flee the pair, who fired their weapons.

After taking two shots to his neck and one to his right wrist, the driver lost control and the car went off the embankment and partially into the water. He managed to crawl to safety before calling police.

The driver in his attempt to flee his attackers, struck several parked cars in his escape. One of the cars he struck was Calvillo’s leaving it undrivable. Garcia and Calvillo then fled on foot. Berkeley police stopped Calvillo as he was leaving the marina. After searching him, an officer found crack cocaine on him.

Calvillo claimed to have been alone in the marina, but police spoke with the driver, who identified Calvillo and Garcia as the men who shot him, saying he knew them from earlier encounters. The driver was then taken to a hospital for treatment of his wounds.

A judge granted police warrants to access Calvillo and Garcia’s phones, showing the two called each other several times within the marina after the shooting. Additional warrants to search the men’s homes were granted. When the Berkeley police special-response team served them Monday, officers found 15 zip-lock baggies of cocaine, a digital scale and a roll of similar unused baggies in Garcia’s car.

Garcia and Calvillo initially denied knowing each other during police interviews, but then claimed to know each other vaguely. Search warrants for the pair’s phones yielded multiple pictures and video clips of the two together.

Garcia and Calvillo were charged with attempted murder and shooting into an occupied vehicle. Calvillo also faces two felony enhancements, while Garcia faces charges of possession of cocaine for sale and seven felony enhancements.

Both men were in custody without bail Thursday evening.

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