BELLWETHER: Planned Parenthood Video Trial – Is Free Speech or Privacy Under Fire?

By John Moody, Fox News

David Daleiden calls himself a citizen journalist. His method for getting information is to lie about who he is, then record what people tell him without their knowledge. Because he got officials from Planned Parenthood to discuss selling the body parts of aborted fetuses, he is being charged with fifteen criminal felony counts.

On Monday, he and a co-defendant will appear in San Francisco Superior Court. Spoiler alert: there are no heroes here.

Deleiden is accused of violating California’s two-party privacy laws, which require that if a confidential conversation is recorded, both parties must first give their consent. Conversations that take place in public are not protected, nor are conversations that deal with violent crimes.

Deleiden’s undercover videos – 2,300 in all — were recorded in restaurants and conferences, which his attorneys say are public venues. They also believe that abortions performed for the purpose of selling body parts for profit can involve violent crime. Deleiden contends that his right to free speech is being squelched because he has a pro-life point of view.

The videos, no matter what you think about abortion, are revolting. A Planned Parenthood official speaks matter-of-factly about the going rate for body parts harvested from fetuses. Deleiden and his codefendant, Sandra Merritt, lead them on, while the video rolls.

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