American Gods, season 1 finale: this brilliantly baffling drama is prestige TV – review

On the other hand, it was heartening to see Shadow Moon and his wife awkwardly reunited while a scene in which the undead Laura coughed up maggots into a sink was a brave piece of gross-out in a show with a weakness for prettifying even the most horrific of events. The other departing bombshell was that man-eating love goddess Bilquis (Yetide Badaki) is working for Technical Boy, who has armed her with a celestial version of Tinder. 

Amid the godly grandstanding were flashes of humour, too, as Shadow Moon reckoned with a bus-load of Jesuses gathered at Ostara’s residence to celebrate Easter. The grand conceit is that the gods are whatever we want them to be. Hence the dozen or more hippy-dippy Christs, each tweaked according to a different flavour of belief. More of that weird wit and series two could be where this brilliantly baffling drama finally ascends to a higher plane of prestige TV. 

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