Aled Davies takes discus title and wants a shot at able-bodied 2022 Commonwealth Games

Amid the talk about new straps, buckles and black leather on Aled Davies’s newly constructed supporting leg on Sunday, the Welshman revealed the one thing that now separates him from his rivals. He wants to represent his country in the Commonwealth Games shot put after winning a fifth World Para Athletics Championships title.

The 26-year-old won the F42 discus, claiming a third straight world title in the event he won at the London 2012 Paralympics.

When the discus was removed from the Paralympic programme for Rio, Bridgend-born Davies redoubled his efforts and won the shot-put gold. It is now his target for next Saturday and beyond. “I’m in good shape, really strong. I think I can throw 18 metres next Saturday and really bury the comp,” he said.

“We’ll be aiming towards able-bodied Commonwealths over the next few years. That’s the long-term goal. I think the Olympics would be a bit out of reach.”

Davies, the Welsh champion, believes the 2022 Commonwealth Games is a more realistic target than next year’s event on Australia’s Gold Coast. “The Commonwealth Games are just an aspiration. You’ve got to have something to aim for. Everyone is always ‘Ahh, you are so far ahead, what are you doing? How do you keep motivated?’ I can be on the able-body circuit because I want to be in conditions where I am chasing other people. It’s hard to be out there and lead the way.”

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